Friday, March 14, 2014

Rest week complete, BACK TO WORK!

Well rest week has been sucking. I am just bored and I feel gross. I also tweaked my hamstring playing pickup the other day. I'm hoping by Monday I'll be good to go. Anyhow, here's hoping. Gotta say my motivation is dwindling. I need to get back to work soon and start reclaiming my future!


Back to work!

Depth Jumps - 4 x 5
Felt good.

Tuck Jumps - 3 x 10

Squat Jumps - 3 x 10

Power Conditioning
Sprint - 2 x 100 yds
Sprint - 2 x 80 yds
Sprint - 12 x 40 yds w/ 30 s Rest

Sprinting is tough. Amazing how much I felt it in my hamstrings. Definitely need to keep stretching and working mobility.


Basketball Day!!! Played several games this morning and I played pretty well. I shot well and only had a couple of completely stupid passes. Good times, I was really stiff at first and am sore now but not too bad.


AM Workout

Plyo Pushups - 3 x 10

Bench Press - Up to a heavy 3 x 5

I had no energy, I got up late, I just wasn't feeling it. This time change is kicking my tail!!!

Lunch Workout:

1 mile warmup jog @ 8:30 min/mi

Alt Leg Bounding - 5 x 5 bounds
Took some getting used to. I'm much more powerful and comfortable off my left leg than my right.

Depth Jumps - 24" Box - 4 x 5
Felt really good actually

Hill Sprints - 4 x 25 yds
Felt good, my hamstrings were a little sore but not bad

High Knee Hill Sprints - 4 x 25 yds
Interesting, never done before.

Cooldown - 400 yd walk and stretch

Felt good afterward. I like sprinting work. Definitely felt it in my glutes the next day.


Basketball day!!! Had 8 folks, so we played 3 games of 4 v. 4 and one of 3 v. 3. I played pretty good. I had a short guy on me the entire time and could have easily worked the low post and just dominated but I wanted more of a challenge so I stayed outside and just slashed in. Good games, good sweat.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Additional work

2.26.14 (cont.)
Lunch Time Work

1 Leg Vertical Jumps - 3 x 5 ea
Felt better than last time.

Depth Jumps - 5 x 5 - 18" bench
Felt really good on a few. Could tell when I found the sweat spot and when I spent too much time on the ground.

5 Hop - 5 x 1
Max distance was about 42' (14 steps). Better than 1 step more than last time!

Speed Work
Falling Starts - 4 x 10 yd
Pushup Starts - 4 x 10 yd
Was supposed to do 4 x 40 yds buildups, but it was raining and cold so I decided to forgo them.


Basketball Day!!! Played 3 games this morning. Pretty good games. We were a little outmatched but we held our own. I played pretty good, shot the ball ok, but didn't try to penetrate too much. My legs are still sore!! Felt good after playing, but still tender. Ugh, I'm getting old!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Still sore from sprints


Basketball Day! 3 games of today. Good runs. Shot the ball pretty well and played ok defense. My legs are pretty sore from sprints yesterday, but that is to be expected because I haven't sprinted in YEARS! Going to do some speed work today at lunch. I'll make sure and post what I do.


My legs were still pretty tight from those sprints on Monday. I definitely need to keep those up. Anyhow, now I have to run in the rain today, YAY!

Plyo Push Up - 3x8
Probably should have done 10-15. Next time.

Bench - 6x6 - 45/135/155/185/205/215
Felt pretty good about that. Probably can do 225.

Superset 1
Seated Cable Row - 3x12 - 70/80/80
Tricep Pushdown - 3x12 - 50/60/60
BB Bicep Curls - 3x12 - 65/65/65
Need more weight on rows.

Superset 2
Front DB Raise - 3x10 - 20# ea
Side DB Raise - 3x10 - 20# ea
Rear DB Raise - 3x10 - 20# ea
TOUGH! Whew...

Renegade Rows with DB's - 20 reps - 20# ea
Broke it into two sets of 10. Gonna work up to a single set.

Pretty good workout. Got in about 15 min of foam rolling prior to workout and felt good afterward. Lunch time speed work and some jumping. It's raining right now so we'll see how it goes.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Lunchtime Sprints



Drops - 5x5 - 24" Box
Felt good.

Tuck Jumps - 5 x 10
Not bad, a little jarring, but ok.

Rhythmic Jumps - 3 x 10
Nice, easy, comfortable.

I was supposed to do OHS and Deadlift, but my back was still pretty tight from Saturday so I decided to leave it at that. Not to mention I was having a crappy morning which followed a crappy night. No motivation.


Power Conditioning - Wk 1
Strides - 75%
2 x 100 yds
2 x 80 yds
12 x 60 yds - Fastest was 8.29 s
ehh, pretty good workout. And it was great outside which made it better. That is approx. a 5.5 s - 40 time! I think I was running 4.7 in high school, long way to go.

Situps - 3 x 20
Superman - 3 x 30s
Side Crunches - 2 x 20ea

Just keep jumping!

2.21.14 (cont.)
 SVJ - 5 x 1
 Disappointing as usual.
 One Step Jumps - 5 x 1
 Practiced dunking a volleyball.
 Full Approach Jumps - 15 x 1
 Mixed one foot and two foot. Dunked my volleyball some more. I was nervous about slipping because of the slick concrete, but still got up pretty good.
 On-Court Conditioning
 Lateral Slide Suicide x 1
 Half Court Circle Sprint x 1
 Half Court Circle Slide x 1
 Half Court Circle Back Pedal x 1
 Elbow Dunk - Volleyball - 2 x 10 (switched to rim touches on the second round)
 Core Series
 Situps - 2x20
 Superman - 2 x 30s
 Side Crunches - 2 x 20 ea
 Pretty good lunch workout. I'll post some videos of me dunking the volleyball.


OHS - 4 x 5 - 135/145/155/165
Actually got off balance on 155 and had to ditch. But I nailed 165, almost easy!

Box Squats - 6 x 3 - 165/225/245/275/295/305
Felt good about that.

Situps - 3 x 20
Superman - 3 x 30s
Side Crunch - 2 x 20 ea


Rest Day

Friday, February 21, 2014

Programming Shift possible!


Jump Workout

1-Leg Standing Vert - 3 x 5ea
Different but I have lost a lot in my leg jumping and need the iso work.

Depth Jumps - 4 x 5 - 12" Box
Felt surprisingly good. I felt like I was really getting off the ground.

5-hop - 5 x 1 - ME=39' (approximately)
First one was pretty short, but by the last 3, I was launching.


Pullups - 4 x 7 - Different grips everytime
Maybe a little kip to get going, but tried to focus on all pulling.

Bentover Rows - 2 x 10 - 115# / 1 x drop - 115(8)/95(8)/45(8)
Felt pretty good. Probably be more focused if I were leaning on something, but whatevs.

Close Grip Pulldowns - 2 x 12 - 90 / 1 x drop - 90(8)/80(8)/70(8)
Felt good.

BB Curls - 4 x 12 - 55#
Need to add a little more weight next time.

I had to cut out 2 back and 2 bi exercises, cause I was running out of time. I need to re-assess my programming. Not sure I'm feeling this current split. I also need to be able to fit it in in 1 hr to 1:15, no longer.


No basketball today. Ugh. Unwanted rest day.


Superset 1
Bench Press - 5x10 - 45/135/185/185/185
Pull Ups - 3xMax - 8/8/8
Good weight on bench, add 10# next week. Changed pullup grip each set.

Superset 2
Alt Incline DB Bench - 3x10 ea - 60# ea
Shrugs - 3x10 - 135/145/145
Inc weight was good, need a lot more weight on shrugs. Probably 205 next week.

Superset 3
DB Shoulder Press - 3x12 - 95#
Single Arm DB Row - 3x12 - 60#
Weight was pretty good for both. Add 10# for press and 5# for row.

EDT-Below Count the number of sets completed. Increase the number of sets each week.
AMRAP - 4 minutes
Seated Rows - 8x70#
Tate press - 8x20# ea
5 rds complete.
Need to add weight on rows, but press weight felt pretty good.

At lunch I'm gonna do some jumps, conditioning, and abs. I'll let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Been out of the office. Sorry...



BB Press - 3 x 10 - 85/95/105
Need to go heavier

Lateral DB Raise - 3 x 10 - 20# ea
Pretty good

Rev Flyes - 5 x 10 - 20# ea
Need more weight

Front BB Raise/High Pull - 3 x 10 - 45#
Eh, my wrist was hurting during high pulls but felt better after

BB Shrugs - 5 x 10 - 135/155/165/175/185
Start at 185 next time

Jumping Work

OHS - 4 x 5 - 135/135/145/155
Felt really good about these. Not sure if it was a pr or not.

Box Squats - 6 x 4 - 225/245/265/275/285/295
Felt good, definitely had 315 in me.

Pretty good workout.


Rest Day. Cut the grass and pushed the mower 0.75 mi. I wore my phone with the gps on and measured it. That was just the front yard too!


Jump Workout

Drops - 4 x 5 - 24" Box
Felt good and soft.

Tuck Jumps - 3 x 10
Hit the ground hard a few times, but most felt good.

R. Jumps - 4 x 10
Also felt pretty good and light.

OHS - 4 x 5 - 135/145/155/165 (f)
My shoulders gave out, I just had nothing.

I supersetted everything with my Chest/tri workout - AND RAN OUT OF TIME/ENERGY


Incline Bench - 4x10/1xdrop - 135/155/175/185/185(5)-155(5)-135(5)
Felt pretty heavy.

Incline Flyes - 3 x 10/1 x drop - 30/30/30/30(8)-20(8)-10(8)
Felt good about these.

Bench - 4 x 10 - 155/175/185(8)/195(8)
ehhh, not good.

Ring Dips/Pushups - 3 x ME - 5-10/6-10/6-10
Not great, but better.

This was all I had time for. Need to plan a little better on this one.


Unintentional rest day. I had to work in the field and be there by 6 am, so no time in the morning or lunch. Gotta hit it hard tomorrow.